Life can never be the same. There could be a time when things start to slip from your hands, and being unable to pay the mortgage is one of them. Don’t panic at that time! There are several ways to get out of this situation. Read on to find all, and learn to sell to a distressed property fast. 

What Is A Distressed Property?

A distressed property is a property condition in real estate where the owners fail to meet the financial requirements. It can be anything like a mortgage, tax, or any other loan. 

Types Of Distressed Properties

There are three different types of distressed properties based on the situation.

Foreclosure: While on the mortgage, if the buyer can’t be able to pay the required amount on time, it will enter foreclosure. The owner (lender) will have the authority to sell it whenever he wants, either through an auction or a foreclosure sale.
Short Sales: Whenever a house/property is about to enter foreclosure, the homeowner (who is struggling to pay the mortgage) has the option to sell it in that said situation. He can simply talk to an interested buyer and sell it as-is before starting foreclosure.
REO Property: Any property that fails to sell at an auction sale will become REO (Real Estate Owned). When an owner, in his broke condition, couldn’t pay monthly payments, the lender seized it. Resultantly, it becomes REO after failing to sell at an auction.


Ways To Sell A Distressed Property Fast In Georgia

There is nothing in this world that comes without solutions. Selling distressed property is also of them. Here is a list of a number of ways through which you can easily sell a distressed property in Georgia.

Sell A Distressed Property Fast In Georgia

Assess the Property Value

To be updated with the market value and get information about the houses similar to yours is key while selling any property. You must be aware of your house value to check if you are getting fair price offers or not. Review recently sold properties to find the exact value.

Analyze The Property Condition

What is its actual condition? Is it in a move-in condition? If yes, you should list it right away. But if you detect anything that can piss off any potential buyer, then repair it first. Check if there is any leaky roof, broken windows, or a severe issue in plumbing.
Good-looking property can sell at a faster rate even if it’s distressed.

Go For FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

In selling a distressed property, there are chances you close its deal yourself, only if there is no rush. FSBO (For Sale By Owner) requires time and dedication, but one of its perks is that you can control the whole process. You can save the real estate agent’s fees if you know how to market the property and negotiate with buyers.

Consider A Real Estate Agent.

When things get hard, call for help. In simple words, a real estate agent can help you sell a distressed property even in its as-is condition. They know marketing tactics and are efficient in satisfying a buyer.

Contact iBuyers

It is one of the efficient and newest ways to sell properties today. iBuyer or instant buyer is a company that provides instant offers and helps you close the deal in almost two weeks, meaning that you don’t need to make any repairs or wait for buyers. It’s the best option if you want to sell as soon as possible.

Sell To A Cash Buyer

An authorized cash buyer in Georgia helps you sell a distressed property as-is. This is one of the safest options once you confirm that buyers are legitimate and have a good reputation in the market. They never ask for repairs or any issues with the property.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Sell A Distressed Property Fast In Georgia

  • Too Long Wait 
  • Accept Full Cash Offers
  • Inappropriate Pricing
  • Unverified Buyers

Final Saying:

If you’re looking to sell a distressed property fast, there are a few things you can do to make it happen. 

First, ensure you’re working with a reputable real estate agent who knows the market and can help you price your home appropriately. 
Next, be willing to negotiate on price and terms with potential buyers. 
Finally, be prepared to make some repairs or cosmetic updates to the property before listing it for sale. 


Frequently Asked Questions To Sell A Distressed Property Fast In Georgia

1- How to get rid of a distressed property?

It is hard to sell a distressed property but not impossible. There are several ways to sell it in a short time, including getting help from a real estate agent, selling to cash buyers, attracting buyers by updating it, or investing in necessary repairs. 

2- What does an REO mean?

REO means real estate owned. Any property whose owner stops paying mortgage payments is usually seized by its lender or bank. And if it also fails to sell through auction sale, it is called REO.

3- What is the quickest way to sell a distressed property?

Contacting iBuyers or selling it as-is to any reputable cash buyers is the fastest way when you don’t have time to market it yourself and need cash urgently.

4- Is there any secret to selling a distressed property fast?

Yes! If you lower the price of your distressed property, you can sell it in just a few days.