“Why is my house not selling”? A common query a seller asks themselves after trying to sell a home for a given period of time with zero luck.
You feel more anxious the longer your house is on the market. Right?  Although it’s an unpleasant feeling, it can just indicate that your strategy to sell your house needs some amendments. Here are several methods for pinpointing the issue: the pricing, the condition, or even the people assisting you. Keep reading to find your answer to ‘what makes your house unsellable till date’! 

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6 Important Reasons Why A House Is Not Selling

The reasons mentioned below are likely the ones for not selling a house.

  • Wrong Pricing

Your house must be priceless, but it doesn’t mean that any buyer would agree to pay whatever price you ask. You have overvalued your house and are continuously pissing off the potential buyers. This is not to devalue your house, nor I am advising you to ask for the lowest price because that can cause a disturbance too. In simpler words, make sure to price your house according to its condition, location, and current rates in the local market and neighborhood.

  • Untidy House

It is one of the major factors that makes a house unsellable. Everybody wants to have a house that requires almost no cleaning and zero repairs. Don’t worry about the money spends on the repairs and call a professional clean-up service company. Make sure the house looks neat and clean when any buyer visits it. 

  • Improper Marketing

Are you getting enough offers from serious buyers? Do you represent your house correctly in the listing?  Showcasing the house with a detailed description along with some photos is an essential factor. If it’s not reaching the maximum audience, use the power of social media to get serious buyers because it can do wonders. You can close the deal in no time, for sure!

  • Unattractive Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words! In the listing, along with the description, don’t forget to add some photographs of both the interior and exterior parts of your house. Professional photos are a big help whenever you represent your house in front of buyers. Hire a real estate photographer and ask him to capture the most beautiful corner in bright light with perfect angles. Remember: don’t be a catfish!

  • Undesirable Location

Location is the king in real estate. If the location is inappropriate for a buyer, he won’t consider buying that property. If your house is at a challenging location and buyers don’t reply after the first visit, you should sell it to trusted cash home buyers in Middle Georgia. Another option is to lower the price according to the tough location. Examples of tough locations can be near any railway, retail establishments, or main road. 

  • Poor Condition

A house in its poor condition can be a reason why it’s not selling, even in the hot market. Leaky roofs, uneven flooring, outdated paint colors, holes in the ceiling, broken windows, and cluttered outdoor space can make any buyers run away. Don’t go for expensive renovations, but consider repairing these critical areas of your house before listing or ask other family members to give you ideas for some DIY updates.

What To Do When A House Is Not Selling In A Hot Market?

Just in case your house selling campaign didn’t work, here are a few options to plan new steps.

  • Change the pricing of your house: Right when you realize that your asking price was the reason for not selling your house, change it. Lowering the asking price can quickly increase buyers’ interest.
  • Ask about the plan from the Agent: You have the right to ask your real estate agent why there is no progress or why you are not getting contacted. Hire another agent with more potential and passion for his job.
  • Recheck the advertising campaign: When you find the views and the number of people interested in your property is not enough, change the strategy. Make sure all the photographs used in the campaigns are good enough to capture attention.
  • Face-life the property: Make a plan focusing on all the weak points of your property and revamp them one by one. It will surely help you get potential buyers shortly.
  • Consider renting the property: This is not a proper solution, but still considerable. It helps you when you are looking to buy or rent a place elsewhere, so renting instead of selling is a good option for your listed property.
  • Don’t lose hope: Failure in the house selling process is undoubtedly a draining process. But you need to be patient, positive, and focused on your goal. It helps you to have a clear vision of your next step.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if a house does not sell at auction?

Typically, a house that fails to sell at auction becomes REO (Real Estate Owned). These type of properties belongs to either a lender or banks. 

  • What makes a house unsellable?

There are a few factors that make a house unsellable.

  • Tough Location
  • Bad Condition
  • Low Ceiling
  • Poor Architecture
  • Difficult flooring
  • Cluttered areas
  • What is the average time a house takes to sell?

A typical house in good condition takes around 35-40 days to sell.